CV Disc Brake Pads

In the automotive friction industry nothing
is of more importance than Safety which can
only be delivered by prioritizing product quality.

About Product

CV Disc Brake Pads

Air disc brake pads developed by closely working with world’s leading foudation brake manufacturers to exacting standards of OE Air disc brake pads specifically formulated for transit and On highway vehicles, having consistentd braking performance across wide spectrum of temperatures and duty cycles.

  • Superb stopping power with reliability just what today's fleet operator require.
  • High Shear resistance for extreme condition and thermal loads.
  • Excellent low noise and wear characterisitics
  • Meets FMVSS 121 & ECE R900 standards
  • Exceptional pad and rotor life.
  • Environment friendly, meets california and washington state law copper regulations SAE STANDARD J 2975.
  • Consistent compressibility over all the area of pad giving better durability, safety and quality.

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Latest cast iron backplate technology

  • It dampens vibrations and reduces noise.
  • Secure bond between pad material and backplate with mechanical retention and less risk of corrosin.
  • Lighter than standard backplates.

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