With a glorious past and a prodigious future,
MASU continues to stride on the path of progress.

Our Journey

MASU has had a prodigious journey and has come a long way from where it began. The company has broadened its prominence in the market with its unparallel expertise in manufacturing. MASU continues to expand its wings and soar to newer heights in the Frictional Material Industry.

Founding Year of MASU Brakes

1982, marked as the begining of MASU Brakes and its journey towards becoming the leading manufacturer and exporter of brake block, brake lining, friction material, friction material for brakes.


Establishment of Our First R&D Centre

Our company ethos are all about innovation and research. We feel and work towards maintaining our position as the leading manufacturer and exporter of brakes and materials by investing more than 20% of our profits in R&D.


Start of Roll Braking Lining

With a glorious past and a prodigious future, MASU Brakes started roll braking lining lineage focused on catering to the pulsating automobile industry of India.


MASU Brakes Pvt Ltd Comes to Existence

With 15+ Years experience of spearheading India's braking industry at breakneck speed, MASU Brakes took the final step towards becoming MASU Brakes Pvt Ltd marking the start of glorious upcoming future.


Installation of 1st Dynamometer

The installation of dynamometer marked another progressive towards implementation of accuracy, finesse and near impeccable results in our working. It marked a great millennium start for us.


MASU Brakes Accreditation & Certification with ISO/TS Certifications

Another silver lining in our lineage, MASU Brakes was officially recognized with ISO Certifications for its products designing and quality. 


Diversifying to Bigger Picture, MASU Brakes Enters Railway Blocks & Pads

Having established ourselves as the leading and trusted name, we took another challenge by entering into the field of Railway Blocks and Pads.


Masu Starts Passenger vehicle brake pads Manufacturing

Masu Starts Passenger vehicle brake pads Manufacturing


Expansion of Portfolio with the Production of CV Pads

Having made a habit of successfully delivering on challenges, we expanded our portfolio with the start of CV pads production with aim of becoming 360 degree service providers.


Preferred & Trusted Partner of Major Domestic OEM's

Our extensive research activities and innovations, distinguished us as the leaders and preferred partners of majority domestic OEM's. Our grip and servicing can be deduced from the single fact that we account 95+% retainership rate in last 5 years. 


MASU Brakes 2.0, A New Plant and R&D Centre

MASU Brakes outshines others with the establishment of a new plant for production of PV pads and a R&D centre for continous growth and evolution in the field of brakes.


MASU Brakes gets certified from OHSAS