Mission Vision

From passenger vehicles to heavy commercial vehicles,
we ensure that each product is specifically
designed to complement the needs of individual vehicles
and their braking system requirements.

Unmatched Quality for Unparallel Safety

From the point of view of safety nothing is more critical than a vehicle’s braking capability. Keeping this mind, we practice continuous improvement, benchmarking and inline process checking procedures to achieve highest standards of safety in our products. At MASU, impeccable quality control is reflected in every stage of our product development.

World Class Quality

MASU Brakes have always carefully examined the State of Quality of its products. We conduct un-intimated surprise quality checks other than routine ones to deliver with unquestioned, zero error products. Our company is ISO certified for all our products which further ensures our deliverables. We aim to further advance the world’s understanding of quality’s impact. Our goal is to examine trends that have continued to evolve from the beginning to this date, as well as identify new trends within the quality industry to always steps beyond and leaders in our industry.

Integrated Services

We are 1 stop 360 degree integrated service group performing all processes from design, development engineering services to prototyping, testing and validation all inhouse. All are products are well researched and then developed as per the highest standards of manufacturing. We package and ship products all by ourselves to provide with maximum ease and minimum efforts. Our aim is to remain the leaders and spearheads of our industry.

Preferred Supplier

Our servicing and operations management are class above, having partnered with all major domestic OEM's we posses the much needed clarity and experience required for efficient program & launch management. In addition to above we are a customer focused enterprise and are renowned for developing niche targeted strategies for optimized results.


One of the reason why we are so successful is that we invest in our human capital, for us our main capital is our team, our people. We regularly organize motivational sessions with accomplished personalities and training sessions about the latest trends of work to keep them posted and updated about each and every detail.


Our footprints are present in more than 50+ countries and over 500+ cities witnessing more than 2000+ partnerships. Together our teams across the globe are creating footprints in all major economic zones from China to Japan and from UK and to United States, we are working across all 7 seas and making our name as the leaders around the globe.