Passenger vehicle Pads

MASU ensures that rigorous standards are met to produce the highest quality Passenger Vehicle Pads, in compliance with the toughest safety and comfort regulations perfect for OE applications & tailored for local market requirements.

  • Customized braking designs for all applications that consistently deliver optimal stopping performance in all conditions.
  • Formulated for extreme heat & frequent stopping MASU’s brake pads feature exceptional pad strength & longer pad life.


High Quality Shims
for insulation and dampening.
Reduces Brake squeal.

Uniform & optimum compressibility
ensure no disc heat cracks, good
pedal feel, less wear of pad

Thermal Under-layer
additional noise damping &
improved adhesive strength.

High Temperature
resistant Adhesive.

Slotts and chamferes
design ensures reduced
noise and vibration

Transfer film coating
between disc pad & rotor.
For longer pad & rotor life and
reduction of noise

Flatness of back Plate - parallel
working of disc pad &
uniform wear.

Controlled surface roughness
of back plate for better
adhesion with H.T. Adhesive.

Scorching for shorter
bedding-in time and
initial effectiveness.

Our grades

Our Application

  • Pick ups
  • SUVs
  • Cars