Leading Brake Pads

Leading Brake Pads

Leading Brake Pads

Achieving more, together

A Distinction In Friction MASU Group has acquired a status of a reputed and trust-able supplier of friction material. It has grown into a group of companies which manufacture a wide range of friction materials. The group has a team of experts who have worked with the leading multinationals in the friction material field in India and abroad.

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Our unmatched expertise, extensive experience & consistent efforts have been integral factors which have established MASU among the premiere names in the Frictional Material Industry.

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Product Range

Passenger Vehicle Brake Pads

MASU ensures that rigorous standards are met to produce the highest quality Passenger Vehicle Pads

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Brake Lining / Block

MASU Brakes one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of brake Lining for Heavy Commercial Vehicles.

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Motorcycle Disc Brake Pads

High quality premium motorcycle disc brake pads with unbeatale performance, comfort, reliability & durability.

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CV Disc Brake Pads

MASU CV Brake Pads offer efficient performance and are perfect to cope up with the trend towards moving heavier loads.

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Roll Brake Linings

BIC NA 207 is a general purpose flexible Roll Brake Lining, suitable for bonding purposes.

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Railway Brake Blocks & Disc Pads

Railway Composite Brake Blocks are manufactured to meet world standards such as UIC and AAR with global markets in mind.

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Leading Brake Pads

Leading Brake Pads

Leading Brake Pads

Milestones In Our Journey


The year that laid the foundation of the company with production of brake lining.


Setup of the first R&D center.


With a glorious past and a prodigious future, MASU Brakes started roll braking lining lineage focused on catering to the pulsating automobile industry of India.


MASU Brakes Pvt. Ltd. was formed.


Installation of 1st Dynamometer


MASU was accredited with ISO/ TS 16949 certifications.


Diversifying to Bigger Picture, MASU Brakes Enters Railway Blocks & Pads


Passenger vehicle brake pads


Expansion of Portfolio with the Production of CV Pads


Preferred & Trusted Partner of Major Domestic OEM's


Start of new plant for production of PV pads & new R&D center.

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