Research and Development

Masu's In-House Engineering Research & Development Core
Uses Extensive Testing To Continuously Analyse
and Test Friction Material To Ensure
Optimum Performance, Reliability & Durability.

Research & Development

More than 3 decades of experience in friction technology Masu has established itself as a preferred supplier to OE & after market by developing a appropriate braking friction solution for various range of vehicle application from motor bikes, cars, trucks n trailers, buses as well as railways.

Masu Believes in a continuous process of developing and refining braking products to improve performance for quieter, smoother, more efficient and environmentally responsible braking. Together with vehicle and brake manufacturers Masu engineers design, develop and test brake friction products which meet the highest requirements related to comfort, performance and wear expectancy.

We focus on improving our products through testing. Not only do we test products at our own research and development center, but also on the roads under real-world conditions by performing vehicle tests in the field, supervised by friction technical & engineering personnel, generating follow up results on friction & braking performance, wear of pads or linings & impact on the brake system component’s. The standards that must be met are always the exacting requirements of the vehicle and braking system manufacturers.

Masu in-house engineering research & development core team of more than 50 individuals uses extensive testing to continuously analyses and test friction material to ensure optimum performance, reliability & durability.

All major Testing Standards Like SAE, JASO, FMVSS & ISO are tested in the In-House testing facility.

NVH dynamometer has capability to test both corner and full axle type of brake fixtures and has the ability to reproduce a wide range of noise issues, Multichannel analyzer for measuring and analyzing NVH.

Key Strengths

  • Seven Full Scale Dynamometers.
  • Dynamometer Testing.
  • Chemical, Physical property Testing
  • Composite Formulation Compounding
  • Processing of Friction Materials
  • Raw Materials Expertise
  • Quality Systems Relating to Delevopment Process