Automotive Brake Pads

MASU ensures that brake pads are rigorously tested in the lab and
field to meet the highest quality Brake Pads.

Automotive Brake Pads

Masu brake pads are rigorously tested in the lab & field to meet & exceed toughest quality standards for OE applications & tailored for local market requirements. Application specific design that consistently delivers optimal stopping performance in all conditions. Designed for extreme heat & continuous stopping, Masu’s brake pads feature, excellent pad strength & longer life.

At Masu brake pads are developed as per the stringent demands of different driving conditions across the globe. The friction materials are specifically formulated for higher performance specifications suitable for aggressive driving style. In addition, they also exhibit superior fading stability, maintaining reliable braking performance after repeated high speed braking.

MASU manufacturers Brake Pads closer to O.E specification by including Slots, Chamfers, Range of Shims, Clips & Accessories where these features are specified in O.E pads.

A new product intensively tested for braking performance, wear and comfort behavior. This development know-how combined with in-house production facilities helps to achieve to OE quality in the end product. At the product development, our engineers relentlessly study material composition, particle size and chemistry when developing friction formulas to minimize brake dust as well as noise.

Masu brake pads range consists of more than One-thousand part number with almost 80% vehicle coverage for all major markets.

Our Grades


Ceramic brake pads also have fine copper fibers embedded within them, to help increase their friction and heat conductivity.


semi-metallic brake pad, often referred to as just “metallic brake pad” are comprised of anywhere between 30% and 70% metals including copper, iron, steel, or other composite alloys.


They tend to produce less dust than some other types of brake pads, such as metallic ones, and are available at a reasonably low price point.

Low Steel

Low Steel pads are a great all-around choice if you live in the city, regularly drive or any kind of long drives, or just want a solid pad for everyday driving

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